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Erik's Reflections
(Erik's Reflections)
   Recently, as many of you know, Dan and I have gone off to college; myself, in upper New York state, and Dan closer to home.  The minute I arrived at college, I thought to myself, "Erik, you HAVE to join a rock band."  Divine Intervention was such a big part of my life through High School, that I thought I couldn't be complete without playing in a rock band.
   I went hunting around the music school for signs hung up that said "Bassist needed for student rock band.  Jazz, funk, blues, and metal influences = a MUST!"  Well, I found some that just had the "Bassist needed" part.  I thought to myself that it was a start, and looked into them.  After playing with two or three bands, I just wasn't happy.  How come none of these could measure up to DI?  The musicians were certainly competent enough, and the music was cool.  There was something missing.
   A week or two later, after not playing bass with anyone, I talked to my friend Judi online.  I told her that I really missed DI and that it just wasn't the same in college.  She informed me that Danny and Adam missed it very much as well (and that Danny was sending me some lyrics to set to music :-) ).  It was then that I did some serious thinking.
   It was also then that I came up with what the other bands were lacking -- a close knit bond.  Playing in DI was more than just playing in a rock band, it was being a part of a family -- a very close family.  I tried to count up the number of performances that we had played (which didn't take more than a second) and came up with the nice round number of three.  DI has been three-and-some-change years in the making, and all we had to show for ourselves was a lousy three performances?  How could anyone call us a band?  Well, anyone that did not attend our rehearsals most likely could not :-).  But there wss something that ran deeper than any performances.  That thing was and still is our love for each other.
    I remember all the good times we had together.  I think I'll run down a list of those that I can remember.
     As you see, Divine Intervention wasn't really about making awesome music and having tons of concerts at all.  Rather, it was more about enjoying ourselves and uniting in a common medium -- music.
   I know now that I will never find a band so dedicated to each other or three people as special to me and as unique as Dana, Danny, and Adam.
   To you guys -- I've enjoyed every minute including the ups AND the downs.  I hope that we can always remain great friends even if we don't always remain D.I. band members.  You are the best!


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