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(Do you like Dan and Erik in bellbottoms and Dana in a moustache?)

- 5/3/97 - Jamnesty International benefit concert at Millburn H.S.  Back in the day when we had Wassy.  Our first concert as Divine Intervention.  The good old days.  *sniff*

- 6/13/98 - The "World Famous" Starbucks performance.

6/27/98 - Dan's graduation party in Dan's Basement.  Our last concert before college.  We jammed on the same songs as the "Starbucks" concert except Dana played set instead of bongos.  We had a 30 minute jam on "Crossroads".  It was great :)

12/23/98 - Holiday Concert in Dan's Basement.  We tried a few different things than we're used to (Metallica).  A good time was had by all!

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