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Things you always wanted to know about Divine Intervention

Taken from a questionnaire by Matthew Goldberg and Ilya Malinsky for the June 1998 issue of the Lance

Greatest musical influences:

Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles

Band History:
Dan, Dana, and Erik were out to dinner at Macaroni Grill, and wanted to get a band together. Originally, Dan was on guitar, Dana was on drums, and Erik sang. They decided that they needed a bassist. Erik taught himself to play, and subsequently, the band acquired guitarist, Adam Koss. Soon after, we signed Jordan Bass to take the lead vocal place, but he did not end up having time to make a commitment to the band. Adam Wasserman joined the band as a guitarist and lead singer. He brought Glenn Jacobs on keyboards with him. Adam and Glenn felt themselves going different directions with their music and left the band. Recently, we added Erin Edwards to take over the vocal area. THAT'S Divine Intervention!

Any funny stories?
Adam Wasserman shocked himself numerous times by touching the microphone and his guitar strings at the same time...and liked it!
Dana and Erik have a long break in Stairway to Heaven. During it, Dana went upstairs to make a phone call. Then came back down and played catch with Erik. Dana dove behind the drum-set, Erik grabbed his bass, and they both came in at the right time.

What would be your definition of a sell out?
Opening for Snoop Doggy Dog at Lollapalooza.

What would you guys be doing if the band did not exist?
Erik - At least not playing the bass!
Dan - Only own ONE guitar!
Dana - Having time to do whatever she wants.

Any bad habits among the band members?
Erik completely looses himself in the music, and forgets parts of the songs.
Adam never stops playing.
Dan chews on picks.

Would you open for snoop doggy dog at Lollapalooza?
Not in a million years.

What is your favorite LHS band?
Strom Thurman :)

What band are you frequently compared to?

What do you really think of Celine Dion?
Mixed opinions...

Which band member would you say has the best hair?
Danny :-)

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