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D.I. News
11.17.98 - Well, today ends our second quiz.  Congratulations to Megan and Amanda!  To everyone else that entered: Thank you!  We wouldn't be what we are today without you!  Unfortunatly, the third and final quiz has been cancelled due to some idiot using the quiz to be rude, and immature.  We believe this person was Josh Weiner, so if you wanted to take the third quiz, see him.  If anyone has information as to who wrote it, please let us know.  Thank you.

10.24.98 - To celebrate our 1000 visitors, we are giving away a prize every week for three weeks.  We will post a quiz to test your knowledge of DI every Sunday/Monday night.  The questions will be anything to deal with DI and many answers can be found on our web site.  There may be some trick questions, so be on the lookout!  The idea is to answer as many questions as you can, e-mail us the answers, and then we pick a winner each week for three weeks!  Some questions will be easier than others, but they're all worth the same.  Remember, if you don't win one week, come back the next and take another quiz!!  Now...We only have to think of the questions..... Unfortunately, members of the band do not have the option of winning, BUT they can still fill out the quiz for fun! :-)
In OTHER news - We recently took some new photos of the band, and they're now online thanks to my brand new scanner.  Check them out in the "Pictures" section.

10.18.98 - This weekend I visited home and, among other things, played with the band.  We took some wild pictures which should be up in about a week.  We also worked on one of the songs Danny and I wrote and it sounded so great!  The sound clip should be up around Thanksgiving.  ALSO, I was digging around in my boxes of pictures (I AM a photographer on the side), and I found some long lost ones of the band.  I put some of the better ones up in the new "Pictures" section.  When the new ones work their way back to me, I'll put them in that section as well.  Some of the long lost pictures were singles, so I added them to the "Bio" pages.  So, take a look inside a DI practice in the new "pictures" section and check out the new mugs in the "bios" section!
In OTHER news - During the weekend our counter rolled past the 1,000 visitor mark!!!  We are planning on having a special 1,000 visitor promotion very soon, so keep comming on back!
10.1.98 - Well, a day or two ago Danny sent me some lyrics to write music to.  Well, I put up the two songs that we've finished, and there will be more put up periodically, so keep comming back.  There's also an explination (usually by Danny) of what the songs are about.  Enjoy!  We're finally goin' original! :-)
9.27.98 - As you already see, a very large overhauling of the Divine Intervention web site has taken place.  I thought that the main page was getting a little long, so I decided to let it go the way of the 33mhz computer :-).  You should basically be able to get to everywhere from everywhere on the site.  Of course, being a musician and a programmer (a lethal combination), I couldn't settle for well enough, so I worked night and day perfecting and redoing just about every file in the directory (which, I think, at the moment is around 60).  I'm sure that 100% of the bugs are not fixed, but I've had at least six or seven people beta-test and critique it for me on several different browsers and operating systems.  Well!  I hope you all enjoy "surfing" this site as much as I have enjoyed putting it together :-)
In other news... If you haven't actually been to the very bottom of the main page, then you probably haven't noticed the counter.  At the moment, it rests calmly on 844.  Wow!  That's a lot of visits!  The band is preparing to have a special celebratory promotion when it reaches 1,000, so "keep those visits comming!"
P.S. - When the word "News" changes color on the main page, that means that there is a new news entry.  Don't forget to check when you notice it has changed!  In the bio's section, you can actually click on the drawings as well as the names below to get to the band members' pages.

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