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Erik playing his Carvin on the lawn in front of Danny's house.
This is Erik.  He loves to play the bass guitar and has since 10th grade (1995).  He is self taught.
Not only does he play the bass, but he also plays the saxophone, drums, and is in the process of learning the flute.
He is currently majoring in Music Education with an emphasis on classical saxophone in college.
Erik's credits include:
All North Jersey Junior Region Band - 1994
All North Jersey Region Band - 1995
North Jersey Area Symphonic Band - 1996
North Jersey Area Wind Ensemble - 1997, 1998
Ithaca College Symphonic Band - 1998
The "Lifestyles" Saxophone Quartet of Ithaca College - 1998
All North Jersey Region Chorus - 1996-1998
He would like to thank his Mom, Dad, and sister Krista, the rest of the DI family, Joy, the Freakshow, the Romans, the Zachers, Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, and most of all, God.

Erik soloing on Good Times, Bad Times in Danny's basement.

As always, you can e-mail Erik at
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Erik's favorite links:
Carvin Guitars CDNOW.COM
Purple People Mailing List

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