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San Jose - Diaz/Donough | Remember the Day - Diaz/Diaz/Donough | Friends Will Be Friends - Diaz/Donough | The Odessey - Diaz/Diaz/Donough | Birmingham - Diaz/Donough | Jesus - Diaz/Donough

San Jose 
(c)(p) 1998 Divine Intervention 
As I stroll through the crowd 
Take a seat at the bar 
In a ballroom in San Jose. 
Listening to jazz 
By a bad cocktail band 
As I drink my blues away. 
Take a hit from the blunt 
And sail high as a kite 
Leave all your sorrows tonight. 
And as your sanity slips away 
Sip your whisky and quietly pray. 
Take a sniff from the spoon 
Like a dried up tycoon 
On a street in San Jose. 
Plagued with disease 
Take a walk with the sleaze 
In an alley in San Jose 
You have sold your soul to have this percious time 
Downing a gallon of sour red wine 
On the streets with a nick and booze 
As long as you got that, how can you lose? 
Rock every bed 
Sleep around til your dead 
In bordellos in San Jose. 
Get some sweets for your vein 
As you numb your dying brain 
In the gutters of San Jose. 
You have let the glory of life pass you by 
Crawl in a bottle to rot there and die 
Try to get by on a dime every day 
Trying to live, or die in old San Jose. 
This is actually the first song I ever wrote. I wrote while slacking off in math class last year, under shear boredom and a need to occupy my mind. I had seen a movie late the night before where a group of people were meeting in a seedy jazz club with a bad cocktail jazz band playing in the background.  I got this idea of doing a mock jazz piece using subject matter that I thought would fit with the seedy jazz club image. I wrote the song in about 45 minutes, using the city of San Jose mainly for the rhyme. 


Remember The Day 
(c)(p) 1998 Divine Intervention 

I remember those years ago 
Before you went away 
The times we saw you 
And laughed at what you'd say 

Now you have gone away 
Behind some buggerís wall 
Built by your own two hands 
Casting your loved ones away 

I wish I could see you again 
Like 'fore you went away 
But I can only sit and think 
And try to Remember The Day 

You were my best friends 
The man with the silver hair 
Who taught me of days before 
And marvelled my mind with tales of the war 

You fell into my traps 
The ones I'd cleverly lay 
To see a little boy smile 
No matter the game that was played 

You left me too soon 
With no memories to take away 
Now I search for the blue bird 
As I Remember The Day 

And so I sit and think 
Of these two I have lost 
One taken by the will of another 
The other by the hand of God 

I wish I could have them back 
If only there was a way 
Instead I have to sigh 
And try to Remember The Day 

This song was written on my birthday this year. It was a particularly interesting day for me because I spent a lot of it reflecting on my life up to that point. I began to think about my past relationships with my grandfather and my uncle, both of whom I have suffered a break of the relationship. My grandfather passed away when I was seven and I rarely get the chance to see or speak to my uncle. As one can imagine, this put me in a rather sad and depressed mood and all these feelings came rushing back to me and to help dispose of them I wrote this song. The lyric contains an almost pining quality to it, considering that previous to this song a long period of pining over someone had just ended and perhaps that feeling of want carried over into this song (as well a perhaps a feeling of anger). The lyrics are also quite mournful of both the living and the dead. The lyrics highlight my acceptance of who my grandfather really was and my loss of him, as well as my desire to rebuild my relationship with my uncle. 


Friends Will Be Friends (Song For Lauren)
(c)(p) 1998 Divine Intervention

I never though I would ever have
A friend as special as you
Another little sister to confide in
A partner who has always come through

I know I was at times insecure
That you didnít have to stick around
But you have always shown how much you care
Even though at times I couldnít see

Iím sorry, I shouldíve remembered what they say...

Friends Will Be Friends
No matter what may come
Facing the odds together
Braving bad weather when it comes
I know our friendship is forever
But if that promise doesnít shine through
Remember, no matter where you are
You always have this friend who loves you

We have had many a good time
And sometimes a few bad
But through it all we have grown
Despite the hurdles we have had

I will always be here for you
As will you for me
For our lovers may come and go
But our friendship can last an eternity

And after all Laur, ya know what they say...

Friends Will Be Friends
For better or worse
To watch your back always
No matter what risks may occur
For faces come and go
In a life of recurring change
But never forget the face
Of this friend you have today

This song, like Remember The Day, is one that has a special meaning for me. I wrote on for my best friend and pseudo sister Lauren Herman on the occasion of her birthday as a poem that would be included in her birthday card. However, I dismissed it as being not appropriated for a birthday card and
chose to write something to her that pertained more to the special event.  Instead I decided to make it a part of this song set. Lauren is a very special person in my life, she is someone I consider to be part of my family. I can talk to her about anything, and she has always been there for me. Our friendship has survived a lot, and I wrote this song as a tribute to her and our friendship, I hope that she enjoys it when she
hears it. For this song I was thinking of something at a moderate pace, maybe along the lines of Queenís similarly
themed Youíre My Best Friend or even comparable in tempo to The Beatlesí Help!.


The Odyssey
(c)(p) 1998 Divine Intervention

I have sailed the seas of time
Trying to get back to where I belong
But strange misfortunes and the hands of fate
Always seemed to pull me from my homeward path

I left my home many moons ago
To try to find treasure in a land of broken dreams
Where the fiery winds did change my course
And put me on an everlasting odyssey 

I canít find my way back home
My soul is gone from me
I have lost my way back home
My body is cast to the sea

Lost in the depths of time
My soul flows through the darkness
Never reaching those golden gates
Where it longs to be forever more

As I strive to find my way back
To be alive once more
To breath one more breath
And walk in through the out door

These set of lyrics have undergone two title changes before I settled on this name, which I thought better fit the songs more mythical mood. I had originally called it In Through The Out
Door, which is part of the last line of the song and was half inspired by Led Zeppelinís album of a similar name and have on the similarly ironic name of last yearís drama production Up The Down Staircase because it was around that time that it was written. Later it was to be placed with a piece of music Adam had written called Bolero. However, I donít think I could get the lyrics to match the music, which was written before I wrote these lyrics.  An epic song, to go with itís epic title, I envision something along the line of Zeppelinís Achillesí Last Stand.


(c)(p) Divine Intervention

I have been down to the edge of town
I have seen where the hatred has grown
Springing up from the dirt and the dust
Of the land  that I have called home
We face the fight between us and our brothers, with no choice of our own
They say that things are better, that the hatred has surely died
That we may share the sunshine, and feel the same drops of rain
Then they call us animals, and say we are not like them
And so together we live the same lie under the bright Alabama sky

And we all live here in Birmingham
Black and white alike
We both suffer from the same old problems
And we both feel the same pains of life
But we are seen as the disease of the South
And no matter how far our voices ring
The same arms that once took us in
Push us out into the rain

Now they say that those days are over
That civil rights have one the day
But the beast of racism keeps on growing
And rising from the depths of hell
The legacy of segregation continues to swell
They still want us out
Left to die in the swamps
As if we were unable to feel the pain
Of living as outcasts, not as human beings
But one day we will rise up
Stand on the mountain side and sing
Of the day we can join hands and live one
Without hatred or violence, under the same golden sun

And we will all live here in Birmingham
Black and white as one
Living as brothers, as one voice, in a city of eternal light
Being free, able to open any door
And the city that tried to cast us out 
Will take us in once more 

This song was written about eight months ago while I was sitting in the middle of Mrs. Rehrís English 4 class. It was originally entitled Cape Town, and was inspired by the events I saw in the film Cry Freedom, which is the story of South African apartheid activist Stephen Biko. However, I felt that the information in the song would not fit the world of today mainly because the government of South Africa has drastically changed. Unfortunately, racism still exists in this country. So I changed the name of the song to Birmingham, after the city in Alabama. A strong song about a strong subject.


(c)(p) 1998 Divine Intervention

Were you there by the mount today?
Did you hear the words that man had to say?
Words of light, in an age of darkness
He gave me hope when I though there was none

Jesus spoke to us today
Out beyond the city gates
Promised Jerusalem to rise from the ashes
To live under Godís holy crown

He spoke of the glory of God
Spoke of the rewards to the good
He spoke of the evils of sin
He said we could overcome it, and that we would


Healing the lepers and cripples in the streets
Raising the dead, turning water to wine
They say he is the chosen one, that he is heaven sent
That those who hear his word will never die



They say the man is indeed divine
Not all human, part of God
I do not know if all thatís true
But he has filled my heart with joy and love


Ok, now let me explain real quick. This not in anyway a religious song.  The last song written on the day that produced both Lady De Sade and Adrianne Starr, this is yet another story song. This one is basically set in the time that Jesus was living in Jerusalem, one man meets another on the road and
asks if he had been to hear that man named Jesus talk. He then retells what was said by Jesus, a well as spreading the rumors that he has heard of the miracles Jesus has performed. He then tells his friend that he does not know if the talk of the messiah is true, but the words he heard have given him hope in a time where hope seems non-existent. The message of the song is basically that whether or not you belief or not, you have to admit the message Jesus gave was quite nice.

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