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!!DI Quiz!!
Description: To celebrate our 1000 visitors, we are giving away a prize every week for three weeks.  We will post a quiz to test your knowledge of DI every Sunday/Monday night.  The questions will be anything to deal with DI and many answers can be found on our web site.  There may be some trick questions, so be on the lookout!  The idea is to answer as many questions as you can, and then the person with the most correct answers wins!  Some questions will be easier than others, but they're all worth the same.  Remember, if you don't win one week, come back the next and take another quiz!!  Now...We only have to think of the questions.....
The quiz for this week is 10 questions long.  Answer as many as you can, and then next Sunday (November 7) we will pick the winner.  You have until that Sunday to get us your answers.  Good luck!!!
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1: Whom would DI not be here without? 
2: Who said it? I've seen more than I can recall!!! 
3: What did Adam bring to the "Radio Hour" cast party? 
4: When did Dana and Erik have a catch? 
5: What is Erik on the side (check the news) 
6: What are the logos on the back of? 
7: Finish this: And try to... 
8: Jam on Crossroads. How long? 
9: Contrary to popular belief, Erik IS in the two pictures of the band behind trees. Where is he? (he IS slightly visible) 
10: In the picture of erik stuck in Adam's trunk there are two visible figures also in the picture. On the left is Adam. Who is on the right? 

The winner will be notified by e-mail and will be posted along with the the answers and the new quiz on Sunday/Monday!
Answers for last week's quiz!
1.  Name ONE of the former names of the band.
    Midnite Fury, Smile, Scarlett Angels
2.  What was the date of the issue of the Lance that carried our information?
    TRICK QUESTION!  Our survey was not carried in the printed edition of the Lance.
3.  Who was originally in the band?
    Dana, Danny, and Erik
4.  Where were the pictures from the second picture set in the "pictures" page taken?
    The playground, the woods, and Adam's new car
5.  Since when has Erik played the bass?
    1995, 10th grade
6.  Who is the band ACTUALLY pictured in the "Shows" section?
7.  Which song was written about two special people?
    "Remember the Day"
8.  Where was the photo of "Adam and Dana doing More Than Words" taken?
    Dana's bedroom
9.  Where were the original "bio" pictures taken?  (This IS stated in the web site)
    In front of Danny and Dana's house
10.  If you're having trouble finding the web page, what do you do?
    Close the "Tripod" window

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